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Hike. Fly. Reapeat.

“Autunno. Sulle cime attorno il Lago di Como è la stagione per eccellenza del “hike and fly”.
Sali veloce, voli e ripeti.”

Giovanni Gallizia 

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Born in an artisan’s town, located in the mountains not too far from Milan, Achille has always travelled looking for of the relationship between human and the environment. His passion for nature led many of his choices, such as moving to Vancouver and to Turin where he graduated at the IED Institute. His working life began with 3 years of experience in a big sports company, first as video maker and then as director of the marketing department. Later, he went on his own and founded a company, SUMMA s.r.l, which produces multimedia content, documentaries, photographs or anything related to visual ideas.

He now lives in Milan, where he focuses on directing the executive division of film productions and on facilitating the creative dialogue between all the parties involved on set.


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Achille Mauri

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